Market visits

Visit the best markets in France, Europe and Australia with Jane as she leads you to the best producers and their organic seasonal produce.


Heritage produce

Learn why the rediscovery of old forgotten seed and breed of various animals , matters. Taste the difference

wessex saddleback pigs

heritage Tomatoes


Terroir- a sense of place



The french wine makers have led the world in a return to letting the earth shine through into the wine. the concept of terroir has been embraced all over the world by the very best wine producers including those from Australia , New Zealand and Germany.

Wines that have had zealous use of pesticides, herbicides are left to grow in soil lacking in the natural bacteria that give the complexity to very best  wine.

Overuse of oak and sulfites all serve to dull the flavous and hide the underlying flavours of the wine.

This is most evident in the noble grapes . pinot noir, chardonay, riesling, chenin blanc





commercialization of our food chain has led to high yielding  , but dull tasting hybrids invading our supermarkets at the expense of organic heritage varieties.


The changes to the breeds that we eat in all forms of meat, stem from a desire for large scale farming to breed animals that grow quickly and produce lean meat. unfortunately this so often results in tasteless, tough meat.